Organic Red Rice :
Purely natural and organic whole Red Rice-Navara Rice. This is also called as Navara rice, Raktashali.
Navara Rice Variety: This rice is known for its Red color and is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine in Kerala. It is a plant that belongs to the Treta Yuga era. It works as a medicine to control sugar levels for people with diabetes. It also helps in relieving joint pain, arthritis, and nerve weakness, and improving muscle strength.

- The color of this rice is red, and it imparts a reddish color to the dishes made from it.
- This variety of rice is ancient and has been cultivated since the Treta Yuga.
- Due to its high content of dietary fiber, it is beneficial for people with diabetes as it helps lower sugar levels.
- It helps reduce weight for those on a weight-loss diet.
- It contains various antioxidant compounds and amino acids that contribute to the prevention of diseases and boost the immune system.
- Kerala Ayurveda recommends using this rice for body massage in certain conditions.
- It can be consumed by people of all ages.
- It can be used to make delicious dishes such as upma, idli, roti, dosa, ambali, and other tasty recipes.
- Before cooking, the rice should be soaked in water for four hours.
- It should be consumed as a single meal.
- This rice is unique as it sprouts from the husk itself.
- It grows organically without the use of any chemical fertilizers.
- However, it is susceptible to stem rot disease, which affects the lower part of the plant.

Organic Navara Red Rice