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Farmers First

We strongly believe farmers are the foundation of our civilization.

In order to ensure the Annadata is always at the forefront of Sudhanya, we ensure that all our farmers are compensated a premium price compared to market prices paving the path towards income security of farmers.


At Sudhanya, We stand for a Responsible and Sustainable Environment! All our practices are Working Towards Sustainability.

Hence we started the RISE Initiative and with your help we can recycle our plastic waste.

The Plastic will be Recycled into granules used for Laying Roads.



Sudhanya is the best place to purchase chemical and pesticide free products.

Brown Rice and pulses are my favourite picks from Sudhanya.

Choose Sudhanya and stay Healthy.

Chandrabose Lyricist

Sudhanya has changed our lifestyle. It induced quality, it enhanced our tastebuds. We have been ordering from Sudhanya for over two years now. All of the products have been satisfying and made us extremely happy. Thank you team Sudhanya for your commitment to deliver quality food in every morsel of our intake.

Mahita Tummala

Sudhanya is a great place to pick organic groceries.

Love the variety of collections and among them Rice and oils are my favourite products.

Must try.

ManjulaPrasad Adusumilli