Organic Idli Rava (Semolina):

Idli rava?ÿis?ÿmade?ÿby rice that is boiled, dried and ground into fine semolina like powder. It has smoother and finer texture compared to wheat semolina that makes it suitable for mixing batters. Unlike wheat semolina?ÿ that is made from inner endosperm of wheat, rice semolina is made from entire rice grain. Since rice is gluten free, it is a good alternative to wheat semolina for those with gluten senstivity

Our Idli Rava

  • Is made of rice grown naturally without using chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides or growth stimulants.
  • Not only enhances the taste but also contains essential minerals like Vitamin B-complex, dietary fibre, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium.
  • All these nutrients help in building muscles and promoting digestion.
Organic Idli Rava (Semolina)