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Sudhanya?ÿCold & Wooden-Pressed Groundnut Oil ƒ?? a culinary delight that brings the pure essence of nature to your kitchen. Sourced from the finest quality groundnuts and crafted with utmost care, this oil is a testament to the traditional art of wooden pressing, ensuring that every drop is rich in flavor and nutritional goodness.

Our cold-pressing technique involves extracting oil at lower temperatures, preserving the natural goodness of groundnuts without compromising on taste. The wooden pressing method adds a distinctive touch, enhancing the oil's character and ensuring that you experience the true essence of groundnuts in every dish.

?ÿOur?ÿGroundnut Oil?ÿis:

  • Made from 'A grade' groundnuts which are naturally grown, pesticide & chemical-free.
  • Cold-pressed using wooden extractors (Ganuga) without heating to retain?ÿall nutritional values.
  • Not refined?ÿand ensures?ÿits natural flavor and nutrients.
  • Without?ÿadded chemicals or preservatives.
      Groundnut Oil - Wooden Cold Pressed (Verusenaga Nune) 1litre
      39900 40500