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 Sudhanya wooden cold-pressed Safflower oil undergoes a cold-pressing technique that ensures the preservation of its natural nutritional benefits. Unlike traditional methods, cold pressing involves mechanical extraction at lower temperatures, preventing the degradation of delicate nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants. This meticulous process results in an oil that not only retains its original flavor but also boasts a higher nutritional profile. A rich source of unsaturated fatty acids. Regular use of safflower oil can help improve blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and inflammation levels in people with type 2 diabetes. 

Our Safflower oil is:

  • Made from safflower seeds that are naturally grown without using harmful pesticides or chemicals.
  • Cold-pressed in our wooden extractors (Ganuga) without heating to retain its nutritional value.
  • Not refined or deodorized, which ensures its natural flavor and nutrients.
  • Without added chemicals or preservatives.
Safflower Oil - Wooden Cold Pressed (Kusuma Puvvu) - 5 Litres
215000 232500