Our Story

Sudhanya is an “Organic” food products brand of Greentatwa Agri-Tech LLP, a firm focused on businesses across the value chain of food and agriculture business. The company is keen to deliver naturally grown and chemical free nutritious food to its customers.

The firm was established in the year 2019 and started with 500 acres of primary farming and scaled up to 2000 acres in the second year. Greentatwa, currently has its operations across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu & Pondicherry. “Sudhanya” products are completely natural, residue free, chemical free with no added colors or preservatives

The company started with rice as its primary product and the gamut has increased to millets, pulses, oils, nuts and flavorings.

The firm is working with nutritionists in developing protein-based value-added products, super foods and ready to cook products from rice and millets.

Greentatwa is an incubate member and is working closely with Indian Institute of Millet Research and with Food Valley institute in The Netherlands.

Our Farms

Sudhanya has farming operations across 2000 acres in Telangana ,Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry.



Nellore - Andhra Pradesh 

Our Sona Masoori and other rice varieties are cultivated in 500 acres of pristine island near Naidupeta, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. The land is surrounded by water with no possibility of chemical contamination from the neighboring agricultural lands. The farm has its own ‘Gosala’ with 250 cows and we follow the natural farming practices like “as proposed by Mr. Subhash Palekar. 

Cow manure, milk , curd and Ghee form A2 Indigenous cows ,along with organic jaggery, milk, curd , ghee from A2 cows , neem oil and other organic ingredients are used make Panchkavya and Jeevaamurutham that act as natural nutrients for the crops and assist in plant protection.




Ananthapur – Andhra Pradesh

Ananta Naturals is a Farmer Producer Organisation based in Anantapur district having group of farmers who have been producing chemical free produce in and around Dharmavaram Mandal. The ground nuts and cold pressed oils of Sudhaanya are grown and processed in this area.



Pondicherry /Tamil Nadu  

Greentatwa has been working with fifty selected farmers spread across thirteen villages in the districts of Pondicherry, Karaikal and Nagapattanam of Tamilnadu.  Ponni, Seeraga Samba ( Chitti Mutyalu), Idly Rice are the varieties that we grow in this cluster.  We provide the seed, organic manures, Jeevamrutham to all our farmers and follow organic cultivation practices suggested by late Sri. Nammalvar.


Vikarabad – Telangana  

The region of Vikarabad and Tandur are known for the cultivation of pulses like black gram, ground nuts and toor dal. Greentatwa cultivates in 100 acres of land and produces pulses in this region.