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Sudhanya Wooden & Cold-Pressed Safflower Oil – a culinary gem that combines the finest safflower seeds with the traditional craftsmanship of wooden pressing. Carefully curated to deliver an exquisite flavor profile and exceptional nutritional benefits, this oil is a must-have for those seeking a premium and health-conscious cooking companion.

Sesame oil contains Sesamol and Sesaminol -  two antioxidants that provide significant health benefits. Besides adding a delicious and nutty flavor to a wide variety of dishes, Sesame oil also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, is good for the heart, and regulates blood sugar levels among diabetic patients. 

Our sesame oil is:

  • Made from sesame seeds that are naturally grown without using harmful pesticides or chemicals.
  • Cold-pressed in our wooden extractors (Ganuga) without heating to retain its nutritional values.
  • Not refined or deodorized, which ensures its natural flavor and nutrients.
  • No added chemicals or preservatives.

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Sesame Oil - Cold Pressed (Nuvvulu Nune) - 5 Litres
239500 260000