Sudhanya Mangoes:

Benishan Mango,is a nature's gift to kollapur soil.the mango is tasty, auromatic,best in size and texture.Its 100% Natural and Carbide free.

Basket From Tradition:

  • Naturally protects the mango inside.
  • The cap is stitched with jute thread to open-close and carry.
  • We arrange mangoes inside the basket in a spacial manner where ripening takes place layer by layer.
  • This gifted mangoes are packed in a traditional basket with flowers rich in medicinal values, special leaves that helps in ripening process along with specific age of vesangi paddy grass
  • This beautiful reaction takes place inside the basket due to which mangoes absorb special qualities.
  • Approximately you will get 30-40 Mangoes 
  • 7-10 Days shelf life

Organic Mango Basket - 10KG (Benishan)