Sudhānya Mangoes

Here are the Tastier and Healthier Mangoes

India is the land of Mangoes. This juicy fruit, rightly called the 'king' has some 1500 varieties growing in India. Each variety has a distinct taste, fragrance, shape and colour.

Kollapur Mangoes, named after a Mandal head quarter near Mehaboobnagar, Telengana, recived national reputation for their sweatness, shape and fragrance. The soil condition and moisture levels suited well for growing mango gardens. The region has mastered the art of growing manoges over one hundered years.

Sudhānya tied up with a few progressive farmers who have been growing mangoes without using any pesticides and chemicals. After plucking the mangoes from the trees, they are graded for the quality purpose.

Covering the mangoes with Beedi leaves (Piliostigma racemosum) and Tangedu flowers (Cassia auriculate) is a rich traditional and natural way of ripening the fruits. It is beilieved that the medicinal properties of those leaves and flowers make the manoges easy to digest without any side effects. 

Sudhānya hired a few tribals and engaged them in preparing baskets with palm leaves. The mangoes are kept layer by layer in those baskets covering with Beedi leaves, Tangedu flowers and paddy grass. The basket reaches you within 48 hours and you can start enjoying them for a week.