Here are the Tastier and Healthier Mangoes

here are the tastier and healthier mangoes from Sudhānya.

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Women Empowerment

ramarao peddi
The dream of socio–economic empowerment of women will not be complete without empowering those who are living at India's last periphery. The ones whose day starts before sunrise and continues after sunset.

Women farmers in India perform most of the farming jobs, from sowing to harvesting, yet their access to resources is less than their male counterparts.

Sudhanya takes every opportunity possible to provide employment to women , wether it is by providing on field work or by asking them to produce powders , pickles and cold pressed oils.

We aim to employ , we aim to empower , we aim for each of these rural women to have their own voice.

We’ve come this far purely with your support and love , and that extends to these wonderful women.

Thank you and a very happy women’s day!

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Green Revolution

ramarao peddi
It's no secret that there are a lot of improvements needed when it comes to the food industry as a whole in our country. Due to the main aim of most of the food production companies being earning higher profits, we as educated citizens must be aware of what goes into our food items.

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